Chain lengths

Necklaces are usually made to set industry chain lengths, i.e. 16", 18", 20" 24" or 30'. If there is a necklace that you have seen but it’s not the right length for you, please get in touch & we will try & get the correct length for you where possible.

The construction of the necklace, along with our individual height and frame, will affect where it sits on each wearer.

Ring sizing

If you are unable to be measured by us in our gallery in Market Harborough, we would recommend visiting a local jewellers to be measured professionally.

Please do let them know the width of band you are considering & the definate finger you want it for, as this can affect the ring size needed. Particularly narrow or wide band widths may require adjusting the size accordingly. When a ring is really wide & chunky, typically this means you need a slightly larger ring size than you would, compared to a ring with a standard band width. And a ring with a very thin narrow band width, may make you need a slightly smaller ring size.

The makers at Ada Gallery make rings following British sizing guides. Use the chart as a guide to help you work out your ring size. The chart will help you find the closest equivalent size to your country sizing scale. 

Ada Ring Sizing