Studio Lucent - Luxury Ethical Knitwear

New to Ada Gallery... Studio Lucent is a new sustainable lifestyle brand, that uses recycled and responsible natural fibres to create timeless luxury essentials for modern daily life. All of the knitwear is made in Scotland from the finest Italian recycled cashmere and the softest Scottish spun lambswool, with yarns that are 100% natural.

Based in the rural Scottish Borders they are a small independent business, that design and create their collections. Working with independent artisan mills in Scotland, partnering with local suppliers supporting the skills and heritage of the Scottish textile industry. 

Generations of craftsmanship ensure the premium quality of the products they create. All Studio Lucent knitwear is made in limited runs, with traditional fully fashioned knitting techniques and then finished by hand. And the premium recycled cashmere spun in Italy is produced by an ethical, ecologically responsible and totally traceable production system.

“Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Creating products that are made well, from quality raw materials. From raw fibre to finished product creates a strong supportive supply chain, from the welfare of the animals and the environment to the people involved in the process of creating our collections”.

Check out the gorgeous beanies and scarves in our online store