NEW OPENING TIMES = Wed to Sat 11-4

Our OPENING TIMES have now changed….
We will now be OPEN: Wed to Sat 11-4

There are few reasons to condense the days we are open & the main one is so I can get more uninterrupted making time, as I make my Ruth Wood Jewellery from my studio at Ada. The shop is getting really busy which is awesome, but I am struggling to keep up with making my commissions & stock for the shop, whilst running Ada Gallery & the online shop, especially when @jowhiley is seen wearing my jewellery :-)

The other factor is juggling being a mummy & wanting time with my young son, especially in the holidays. Football is also a massive part of my sons life now & I want to see him play his matches every Saturday morning, hence the blanket 11am open time.

I am very lucky to have found the lovely Rosie to work every other Saturday recently. And if anyone reading this is awesome at jewellery photography, online website work & marketing, these are the 3 areas I need help to relieve my work load, especially if you can do it whilst working at Ada, please get in touch or spread the word.

I’ve realised in the last 2 years with having a few health scares & struggling with my energy levels, after having Ada Gallery for 9 years & working far too much juggling 2 businesses, that I am not super women & I need to work smarter. As working more than full time & not getting the work/life balance correct, can cause you to burnout & your health & happiness is the most important thing, before building a successful business.

Lots of love to all of you juggling work & being a parent, be kind to yourself. Try to take time for you. And a big shout out to all our lovely Ada Customers, hope your not too upset that you can’t come in now on a Tuesday x