Beverly Bartlett

PS 3-5 Silver Pendant Necklace


PS3-5 A relatively new range, PS 3-5 is based on the shape of transfer RNA (tRNA). This carries the information for specific amino acids from the nucleus of a cell to the cytoplasm where proteins are ‘assembled’. tRNA has a loop – called the anticodon loop – which holds the ‘anticode’ for one amino acid at its base. This design, which has one side textured, is Beverly’s interpretation of this structure.

PS3-5 is available as a pendant, necklace, earrings, bangle and as either a single ring or as a coupled ‘ring set’ where the two rings can be worn separately or interlocked. The ring sets are made only to order and a selection of semi-precious stones is available.The PS 3-5 pendant is placed on an 18” Spiga chain.



Materials: Silver.

Dimensions: Pendant H 43mm x W 3-13mm x D 9mm.

Chain length 18" x W 1.5mm.

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