Kate Bajic

Foliose Pod Silver & Dendritic Agate Drop Earrings


Gorgeous one-off intricate Foliose Pod drop earrings, made completely by hand. Handcrafted in sterling silver with beautiful smooth flat cabochon dendritic agate, held in a bezel setting, suspended from the ear stud.

The hand pierced and burnished silver folded pod section is inspired by the calligraphic patterns found in script lichens and have been given a brushed surface finish and a burnished edge to catch the light.


Materials: Sterling silver, Dendritic Agate


Height top to bottom: 5.8cm

Top silver section: H 18mm x W 19mm x D 12mm (metal thickness 0.6mm)

Dentritic Agate: H 3.3cm x W 15mm x D 3mm

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