Beverly Bartlett

Circles Silver (13 discs) Pendant Necklace


The Circles range of pendant, earrings, bangle, and ring was inspired by the spores of some fungi which look like textured discs when seen through a microscope. 

The discs are applied to a handmade silver taper with an integral bale. Each disc is gently domed, allowing the piece to reflect and shine. A characteristic of these Circles pieces is that they reflect the colours being worn, with the highly polished and frosted satin silver discs.

The pendant is made from 13 discs so is not identical to the images attached showing 10 & 12 discs.

The silver chain is a spiga, not snake chain as in images.

Materials: Silver.

Dimensions: Pendant - H 78mm x W 5-21mm x D 2.5mm

Chain length 18" spiga, width 1.5mm.

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